Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 15<br> -Pro 15 Full Package-<br>with Regulator, Gracie Queen frame<br> and Accessories<br>Order Before April 30th and<br>Receive a free light kit just like whats<br>on the 17E
Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 17E<br>with Enhanced Lighting
Special Package #1A<br>BHQ 13 Machine with<br>Bailey's Sit-Down Quilting Table
Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 15
-Pro 15 Full Package-
with Regulator, Gracie Queen frame
and Accessories
Order Before April 30th and
Receive a free light kit just like whats
on the 17E

Suggested Retail Price: $4,699.85
Bailey's Price: $3,298.00
Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 17E
with Enhanced Lighting

Suggested Retail Price: $2,899.00
Bailey's Price: $2,499.00
Special Package #1A
BHQ 13 Machine with
Bailey's Sit-Down Quilting Table

Titanium Needles
Bailey's Sew Control Regulator
Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 17E<br>~*Click Here for Special Available until<br>April 30th*~<br>-Best Ever Top of the Line Package-<br>with Regulator, Majestic frame an<br>Start Right Leader Kit, Pattern Perfect and<br>More Accessories Included
Titanium Needles

Suggested Retail Price: $10.40
Bailey's Price: $8.25
Bailey's Sew Control Regulator

Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 17E
~*Click Here for Special Available until
April 30th*~
-Best Ever Top of the Line Package-
with Regulator, Majestic frame an
Start Right Leader Kit, Pattern Perfect and
More Accessories Included

Suggested Retail Price: $6,829.99
Bailey's Price: $4,849.00

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Bailey's features a wide variety of embroidery and sewing supplies to meet all your creative needs. We carry everything from embroidery thread and supplies to computerized embroidery software. Bailey's has also added a new quilting machine to their products! We strive to provide the small business and home embroiderer with quality merchandise, great prices and personalized customer service! Come inside and see for yourself!

Embroidery and quilting is a favorite hobby of many people. It requires patience and creativity to make something truly special. Quilting and requires a lot of equipment and materials. Finding exactly what you are looking for can be difficult and you often have to travel to many different stores to stock yourself with what you will need. We are happy to tell you that Bailey’s Embroidery Supply is your one stop shop for quilting and embroidery needs.

Bailey’s Embroidery Supply is a premier provider of long arm quilting machines and sit down quilting machines. We carry the latest brands of quilting machines. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to quilting and embroidery and will be delighted to help you find what you need. For many years we have stocked our store with the necessary tools and machines to make the best project ever.

We have all the tools you need to meet your creative needs. Now is the time to take advantage of what we have to offer in order to make something special and unique. Our long arm quilting and sit down quilting machines are of current brands that will help you create what you want. We also offer quilting frames, Janome sewing machines and also provide you with hundreds of embroidery and sewing supplies.

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