Click to enlargeBailey's Home Quilter Pro 17E<br>~*Click Here for Special Available until<br>March  31st*~<br>-Best Ever Top of the Line Package-<br>with Regulator, Majestic frame an<br>Start Right Leader Kit, Pattern Perfect and<br>More Accessories Included

We here at Bailey's are pleased to offer our Best ever top of the line package including the Pro 17, Regulator, top of the line Grace Majestic frame, lollipop accessory, ruler foot with accessory attachments and more.

Order before March 31st 2014 and receive the Start Right Cloth Leader so it's even easier to attach your quilts and also the Plastic Pattern Perfect for great designs on your quilts. These 2 items sell for $350 but before March 31st they are free with this package!! Until March 31st Only Special! Order before March 31st by phone or online and receive the Start Right Cloth Leaders and Plastic Pattern Perfect with this package all at no extra cost, free! Regularly $350.00 worth of merchandise. Cloth leaders to make attaching your fabric to the rolls a breeze and perfect patterns.

Bailey's has been building quilting machines for over 15 years now. We have never had a serious problem with any of our machines and in 10 years we have almost never caught up with the demand even as we have ramped up production multiple times.

The Bailey's Home Quilter Pro 17 is a beautiful machine. All of our BHQ's stitch very nice, are so easy to use and very durable. All of our machines are made to the same standards, sound engineering, longevity, ease of use, ease of repair, Easy to find common parts at affordable prices just like our machines. These are all things we felt were important qualities for a long arm quilting machine to possess. We then added our regulator which was made specifically for our machines. A wonderful tool and aid when your trying to finish your quilt tops and especially for following patterns. Then we chose the Majestic from Grace. We are so pleased with the quality of this frame that it has become our favorite quickly. We still love the other frames from Grace but the carriage on the majestic is the smoothest we have found and can handle up to a king size quilt. We have also included the lollipop plate that allows you to use rulers while stitching and to follow those rulers we have included our multi purpose foot with ruler guide. This foot also comes with attachments for different quilting applications.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

Pro17MajesticRegulatorSuggested Retail Price: $6,829.99Bailey's Price: $4,849.00

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BHQ Pro 17

Majestic Frame from Grace

Bailey's Regulator

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ruler foot

Quilting Ankle with 4 accessory quilting feet attachments

Lollipop Ruler Base

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Majestic Extension

Start Right Cloth Leaders

Plastic Pattern Perfect


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